Joe's No Flats is RideAir's New Partner

Joe's No Flats is RideAir's new distribution channel in Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, Israel and many more countries.

RideAir by Joe's will be co-branded with both companies logo on it and will be added to Joe's vast proffesional portfolio. 

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REVIEW - SKS RideAir Tubeless Inflation System

The RideAir tubeless inflator is the latest product from the fourth generation family owned German factory that is SKS. It isn't a category originator but it does exactly what it claims in a compact and clean package. I've inflated a couple of tires with it from flat with the valve core installed and they bead up instantly. For the most stubborn tires removing the valve core to allow max air flow is a guaranteed* first-time inflation. I'm excited to try it on my 29x3" DHF and RaceFace ARC 40 combo when I swap in fresh rubber because that is a royal pain to get going. Full article:

Review - RideAir Compressed Air Capsule

The RideAir Compressed Air Capsule is designed to be a transportable fast inflation device; suitable for seating tubeless tyres, replacing CO2 cartridges, and facilitating fast inflation in pit-stop race scenarios.

It is an interesting KickStarter concept, and one that I was keen to test out.


The functionality of the capsule is simple: you flip open the rubber lid, and using a floor pump or compressor, pressurise the canister to around 200 PSI (13.5 Bar). You can then safely store the canister until you need it. To inflate a tyre, you screw the hose onto the valve (Presta or Schrader), and press the silver button on the canister to release all or part of the charge.

It is effectively like a rechargeable CO2 canister, except that it uses normal air rather than carbon dioxide.

The capsule is easy to use, and robustly made. Releasing the pressure charge is surprisingly easy to regulate too; although there is an element of guessing your tyre pressure, as the gauge on the canister reflects the remaining canister pressure, not that of the tyre.

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RIDEAIR - To Inflate not Pump (on the side of the road)

A while back I saw this new gadget online called RIDEAIR, it was this portable refillable pump thing and it had a lock on it as well.  It said inflate don’t pump.  I thought it sounded pretty interesting and then a few days later one arrived in the office to try out.

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