Specs | RideAir

RideAir™ Product Information

The patent-pending RideAir™ is a refillable multi-use portable air capsule that lets cyclists inflate bicycle tires at a push of a button. The perfect mobile and effortless air supply for the cyclist's daily use and emergencies. The RideAir™ can also be used for much more applications: Strollers, wheelchair, Balls, Inflatable toys and etc.

Use and Capabilities

Once charged with a standard air compressor (that can easily be found in any gas station or bike shop), the RideAir™ is ready to use.

The RideAir™ can easily be placed in any standard water bottle holder on your bike and can be secured with a built-in cable lock already implemented into the RideAir™.

* Figures on left show inflation from total flat and when the RideAirTM is charged with 10 BAR/145 PSI

Key Features

Quick and Effortless

No more hassle, no more sweat, no more frustration.


Generically designed to fit any bicycle bottle holder with integrated metal cable lock.


We love our planet! Easily refilled using any air-compressor in any gas station, bike shop or your home garage.

Perfect for Tubeless

Air shock for seating the bead to the rim.